Saturday, September 25, 2010

A List for 9/25

Today, I:

wrote a note in all caps and meant it
finished knitting a sock
got prettily sunburnt on my nose.

completed an interception
unintentionally conned a jock into thinking I play football
ate two bagels (!), gluten free.

I registered to see a documentary
had two long heart-to-hearts and
left three good messages.

I took a long walk into geographic clouds
found porches which reminded me of long absent friends
and was followed home by thunder.

It is satisfying when the clouds burst
and lightning crashes with all threatened fury
just as I slip under the porch overhang.

Today, I bought jello, cider, vinegar chips, and a water bottle
I ate a bowl of chicken soup
and woke up tucked in. It was a rather pleasant day.

Tomorrow morning I am hospitality at Meeting.


  1. ooh, I want to hear about the note in all caps

  2. also, I would post more comments, but I often fail the human test and become discouraged

  3. Rafi, I can't imagine you discouraged. And I love your comments.